Hey, Guys,

I m ight get the ventian house with 4000 ecoins.


Fantage Carnival 6/25 – 7/8

(Credits to FantageRop)

Event Information:

fantage carnival

I wonder what the free gift is. (I tried looking through the photo booth and couldn’t find anything, haha.) This carnival is also mainly American based, why can’t they celebrate Canada day as well?

Limited Items (Girls):

limited items yay

Not really a fan of these outfits, but I can see why people would like them. We need more blue coloured outfits!

Limited Items (Boys):

no comment

…Honestly, all of these limited items for boys suck. They’re a lot more on the girly side. Make manly outfits guys!

Ticket Booth Prizes (Girls):


You’ll have to play that Candy Apples game a lot if you want one of these prizes… I want the medal and the hair.

Ticket Booth Prizes (Guys):


Basically the same, but in a different order.

Candy Apples

It’s a game where you get tickets, and with those tickets you buy those items shown above. Premium members get double the tickets (as always.) I wish I was still a member, but whatever. Basically, what you do is that you’ll create a candy apple according to what the customer demands, and you’ll click on the customer to serve it. It’s pretty easy, The game lasts for sixty seconds.




Since the amount of tickets needed for the prizes are so high, your best bet is to use this. You have 1/4 chance of losing tickets, 1/3 chance of getting nothing, 1/3 chance of getting double, and 1/12 chance of getting 5x your amount. I’m willing to take the chances!

So that’s basically it so far. Be sure to comment if you have any questions or if I forgot anything. Have a great day everyone! Enjoy your summer vacation~!

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